Iran Placed In Middle East

18th Largest Country In The World Is Iran.

Placed In Middle East.

Bordered On The  North With Armenia,Azerbaijan&Turkmenistan.

North Of Iran Is Caspian See That Also Have Littoral With Russia.

Caspian Sea Is Largest Enclosed Sea In The Earth.

Bordered By Iran,Russia,Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan & Turkmenistan.

From West Iran Have Border With Iraq,Turkey.

And From East Have Border With Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Iran Have Biggest Littoral In South In Persian Gulf With Six Arab Countries (Saudi Arabia,UAE,Qatar,Bahrain,Kuwait,Oman)

Iran Map-Borders & Neighbors

In The Last Estimation Iran Have 75 Millions Population -17th Crowded Country In The World-

Crowds Of People In Azadi -Freedom- Square In A Rally In Tehran

Iranian Speaks Persian Which Is Called -Farsi- One Of The Most Ancient Languages In The World.

Persian Language-Farsi- Is Writing From Right To Left With Some Alphabets Joined.

Tehran Is The Capital Of Iran With 14,000,000 People Population-16th Crowded City In The World-

Tehran’s Tochal Mountian

Milad Tower-Tallest Tower In Iran-6th In The World.

Iran’s Tallest Mountain Is Damavand Peak.

With 5,610 m (18,406 ft).

12th In The World.

Placed In Tehran Province,Near The Capital Tehran.

Clouds Over Damavand Peak,Alborz Mountain.

Azadi (Means Freedom in Persian Language) Square Is Monument Of Tehran,Iran

UN Official;About 20% Of People Were Below Poverty-in 2009 it was 2 dollar income-

It seems it’s going to worse last years.

Children Living In Tent.Around Southern City Of Bandar-Abbaas.

Iran’s History

  • Pre-Historic era

Suggestion Of Human Habitation Of The Area As Early As 75,000 Years Ago.

However, recent studies in the valleys of Shuresh, around the earlier mentioned caves, led to the discovery of 400,000 year old stone tools.

  • Early history (3200 BC – 625 BC)

  • Pre-Islamic statehood (625 BC – 651 AD)

Achaemenid Empire Was One Of The Greatest Civilizations In The World.

Cyrus The Great & Dariush III Was Kings Of The Period.

Detail of Darius III from Alexander Mosaic.

Pasargad-Tomb Of Cyrus The Great.

The Achaemenid Empire at its greatests extent,at about 500 BC.

Persian and Median Soldiers at Perspolis (Pasargad)

Perspolis Is World Heritage Of UNESCO.

Naghshe Rostam In Pasargad.

The Cyrus Cylinder a document issued by Cyrus the Great and regarded by some as a charter of human rights.

Iran’s History Faces Many Empires,Wars & Kings.

Iran Was Defeated In Many Wars Like War With Arab Neighbors Or Mongolian Empire Or Even Russians,But Every Time Iran Get Its Independence.

  • Pahlavi dynasty (1925–1979)

Reza Shah Founded It In 1925.

He Stand Against National Figure Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh .

Prime Minster Make Iran’s Oil Industry Nationalized From Britain.

Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh Prime Minister Of Reza Shah.

Reza Shah Succeeded By His Son Mohammadreza Pahlavi.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Empress Farah In Official Uniform,1977.

  • Islamic Republic (1979-?)

Dissatisfaction Grows Over Political Chaos.

And Finally Ended By Islamic Revolution.

Many Left Wings Parties And Conservative Parties Support The Revolution By Leading Of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Ayatollah Khomeini-Founder Of Islamic Republic Of Iran.

22 September 1980 Iraq Intervened Iran.

8 Years Of War Make US$ 600 Billion Economic Loss.

Iran-Iraq War-1980 To 1988.

Many Execution Against Opposition Supporters Happened In Iran.

Opposition Said As Many As 30,000 People Executed In 1988.

There Were All Political Prisoners Which Were Against Ayatollah Khomeini.

Many Of Political Prisoners Buried Secretly-Khavaran-Tehran.

Ayatollah Khomeini Died In 1989.

Ayatollah Khamenei Became His Successor.

Vladimir Putin (Left) and Ayatollah Khamenei (Right).


Iran is the world eighteenth largest economy,which is based on Oil & Gas exports.

and after Oil & Gas exports (80%) Agriculture, Car Manufacturing & also Luxury Carpet & many more like mining and petrochemical industries.

Iran Oil Export Map

 Iran’s Auto Industry

Iran Khodro (IKCO) Is the biggest car producer in middle east & north Africa.

Iran crossed more than 1 million Car produce in 2005.

Iran has established joint-ventures with foreign partners like Peugeot ,KIA, Hyundai,Renault,Suzuki,Benz and many more.

IKCO’s Samand LX.

IKCO’s Samand LX.

IKCO’s Samand Soren.

IKCO’s Samand Runna.

IKCO’s Samand Runna.

IKCO’s Samand Dena.

IKCO’s Samand Dena.

IKCO’s Samand Dena.

Saipa’s Tiba


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